Pour tous vos besoin en APPARTEMENT MEUBLÉ & CONDO temporaire (EN)

Gens d'affaires, touristes, étudiants et sinistrés trouveront ce qu'ils cherchent chez nous : des logements pour tous les goûts, tous les budgets et toutes les circonstances.
*For rentals of 31 days or more.

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Need an emergency housing? We can help you!

Emergency housing after a disaster

Whatever your disaster emergency: a fire, water or oil damage, vandalism, a backflow, a natural disaster... Your home is already ready!

Our temporary housing fits to the needs of the insured for a period of weeks or months. We are used to doing business with insurers, entrust us with your file!

For insurers: temporary housing quickly accessible

Does your insurance company care about the well-being of its policy holders? We offer a complementary service that will make you stand out while limiting the risk of price variability compared to a hotel. We want to work with you to provide peace of mind to your customers.

We invite you to read the [Insured] section for the benefits of our housing and services.

Victim of a disaster? Find a place quickly for less than a hotel

We want to offer you peace of mind and comfort by renting quality housing that includes these amenities: access to animals (with reservations), Internet, concierge, cable, broad choice of rooms, parking, a fully equipped kitchen, washer-dryer, bedding.... Living through a disaster is not easy. There is so much to think about, so having access to short-term housing in a stable way makes it possible to better focus on the essential, the well-being of loved ones. If you have to find a new home, this transitional period will give you time to find a suitable home in good taste without feeling obliged to accept the first one you come across.

Emergency housing after a disaster

We suggest you ask your insurer if you can benefit from our accommodations that are more affordable than a hotel motel and that the competition. For those who have a family to take care of, it is reassuring to have a place to stay with all the conveniences (storage space, washer-dryer ...) to ensure a better quality of life compared to not knowing where you will stay the next day, because the hotels have a variable vacancies, besides which you could be surrounded by revelers when the situation does not lend itself to it. All this without any additional costs compared to a hotel that charges a certain amount depending on the number of occupants. Not to mention that your policyholders have no guarantee they will keep their living spaces. Insurance companies seek competitive advantages in order to provide a better quality of life to policyholders, while limiting the risk of price variability.

With the range of photos found on our website, you will save visiting time and allow you to enjoy the different decorations of our homes which are located near shops, tourist places, while having access to means of locomotion, as well as access to various activities... Some people may need reduced mobility access, so inform us of this situation so that we can offer accommodation among our homes that would be suited to their needs. We are looking forward to showing you!