Pour tous vos besoin en APPARTEMENT MEUBLÉ & CONDO temporaire (EN)

Gens d'affaires, touristes, étudiants et sinistrés trouveront ce qu'ils cherchent chez nous : des logements pour tous les goûts, tous les budgets et toutes les circonstances.
*For rentals of 31 days or more.

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You are moving to the Quebec City area? Your first home is already ready!

Accompaniment of immigrants to find housing in Quebec

Are you coming to live in Quebec? Welcome, excellent choice! Quebec is a beautiful and safe city. Quebecers are very welcoming, you will see! We can help you get settled and make the right choices in the short, medium and long term, without being in a hurry to find accommodation.

Our temporary housing provides newcomers with a smoother transition to stabilize their lives. Newcomers have time to get familiar with the city and its different neighbourhoods, this transition (temporary housing) gives them time to find housing in a place that would be more suited to their needs, such as work, school, daycare, etc. They feel that they are supported in their new lives by the fact that they are accompanied in their efforts. I will be delighted to help you...

It is important for us that your arrival is safe, pleasant and simple. We are partners of choice because of our concern to offer a quality of life to people who live in an extraordinary, insecure situation.

You will be able to visit the places before renting thanks to the range of photographs on our website, which will save you time from visits and will allow you to appreciate the various decorations of our houses which are located near the shops, tourist sites, while having access to means of transport, as well as access (bike paths) to various activities... Quebec City is recognized for its cultural diversity. Municipal activities are a good excuse to socialize.

Accompaniment of immigrants to find housing in Quebec

Some people may need reduced mobility access, so inform us of this situation so that we can offer accommodation in our lodgings that would be suited for their condition.

Immigrants who choose to rent from us live a pleasant experience that allows them to start their new life... without surprise!

Comfort - Peace of mind


Internet / concierge (cleaning on demand) / cable / broad choice of rooms / parking / furnished / fully-equipped kitchen / washer-dryer / bedding / mailing address...

It is possible to bring a pet. Their presence brings tremendous support in their lives. We care about the well-being of those who need our homes. It will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions.

We wish newcomers a warm welcome and happiness!